An event organized by the refugees from Deisendorf in cooperation with the Waldorf School.
The festival of encounters took place on Sunday, December 13 at the Waldorf School Überlingen. The festival was opened with a common song: “Be thou welcome in this world, at this location.” While singing, the participants were welcomed personally. Then people from different nations danced hand in hand to Turkish music.

At 11.30 the organizer, Thobela Ndywili, delivered the opening speech starting with the words: “We came to Germany and were in need of help. Many of us still had to learn the language, and we were looking for jobs. But today we want to be united, no matter where we come from and where we are going. Let us together celebrate this festival.”
The co-organizer Inge Frankenfeld spoke of a project on which the Waldorf school works. She said: “Our school community is planning the establishment of an international preparatory class for early next year . To translate this plan into action, we need financial support.”

Gabriele Kaupp, who coordinates the volunteer network of helpers for refugee homes in and around Überlingen, helped organize the festival with active. She said: “The desire for encounter came from the refugees. Together we have been working for weeks on it. We were supported by artists from the region “. Enthusiastic employees took the project to the artists Guidi and Yorofola. Guidi, who comes from Cameroon, showed in her dance workshop a few typical African dances. The drummer, YoroFola, brought the visitors closer to African rhythms. The visitors were distributed throughout the school building. Some sat in the school cafeteria and ate traditional food that was cooked by refugees. In another room, a booth was set up at which there was herbal tea from Gambia to drink. Everywhere, appetizers and specialties of various countries were offered.
The visitors could familiarize themselves with the refugees’ countries of origin by reading from posters. Ideas were written on a bulletin board to support refugees.

Ndywili said: “It is important to socialize, so a social network can occur. Moreover, it is always good to know who needs help and who can offer something.” At 15 o’clock all the visitors joined the Dorle Feber choir in the foyer and sang and danced. The drum beats and the vocals filled the building with lively sounds from across nations. Whether from Germany, Syria, Eritrea and Gambia; for this afternoon, the visitors were all a community.

To close the event at 17:00, people gathered in front of the entrance and sang under the light of the lanterns, accompanied by the drums, a farewell song. Nydwilli said: “My belief is ‘If go in front of you, then I do not know if I will lead you on the right path. If you go in front of me, then I do not know if you will lead me on the right path. If I go next to you, we will find the right way.” We should have more celebrations of encounter. That is why the refugees and all participants support and have hope in the implementation.

Info box.
Anyone wishing to support the initiative of the Waldorf School in Ueberlingen in the context of refugee work, can make a donation to the following account: Waldorf School Ueberlingen GLS Bank Usage: One Love Refugee Journey! IBAN: BIC DE42430609670017429701: GENODEM1GLS

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