Your African dream is an agency which stands as “a bridge / pipeline to transport the African culture and African heritage to Germany/Europe and western world in general.”

Africa is a big continent with many different cultures, languages, diverse rhythms, beautiful artworks, and delicious food dishes; from Southern Africa/Central Africa/North Africa/ East Africa and West Africa.

We work and aim to work with all the musicians & artists & Africans in general from all over Africa, who live in Germany/Swirtzerland & EUROPE in general, to present all the different African cultures through our Catering offers in African fine foods, live entertainment, concerts, African festivals, Africa days , afro workshops, different courses/workshops ( afro-dancing courses/drumming/singing/cooking…)

We are an agency of African heritage:

  • For School events, church events for Company events, for private events , birthdays , weddings, garden parties, African festivals etc.
  • To Organise tours and concerts for bigger artists & groups.
  • To bring artists from Africa to Europe/Germany/Switzerland for concerts etc.
  • To grow into a big African event organizing company in Europe.
  • In 2015 we started a social project of motivating and supporting Refugees ( mostly AFRICANS/Gambians/west Africa), where we motivate them, accompany them in their steps through integration here in Germany. We support them in creating good contacts to the German citizens and open their minds towards the German cultures etc. We gave this initiative the name “ONE LOVE REFUGEE JOURNEY.”
  • Working together with the immigrants, to open closed doors & hearts – to find the solutions / a way forward for the Immigrants – in the Bodensee region (Germany), Switzerland, and Europe in general.
  • All what you need to know or experience about Africa! Ask Your African Dream event agency…

We use all our sources and connections and knowledge about This continent, to make YOUR Dreams Come true…

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